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2001 Kidding Aside 
(The British Childfree Association)
Last modified: 
October 30, 2002


Our History

16 to 25 percent of western couples now choose not to have children. People are marrying later and later and having children later and later. Despite this, the population of Britain is still growing as our lifespan increases.

Kidding Aside, like many modern grass roots political organisations was born on the internet and out of a feeling of general discontent. Discontent with a society which ignores us in favour of parental and family values and discontent with the childfree community's failure to organise into anything more than a support group.

Taking Action

Kidding Aside was formed in order to improve the representation of childfree people. Our aim is to ensure that childfree people have equal rights.

The government believes that parents need a hand balancing the demands of a career and the demands of home life, a balance needs to be struck if the British people are to be as productive as possible. We all have demands upon our time which interfere with our careers, be it raising a family, dealing with a plumbing problem, pursuing academic qualifications, or looking after an ageing family member. If helping Britons to balance home life and work is a boon to British productivity then the government must help us all be maximally productive and not just those of us with children.

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