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October 30, 2002



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Need employment law advice?  Want to know about contraception 
and sterilisation providers? Thinking of living a childfree lifestyle? 
Want to get in touch with like minded childfree people?

Kidding Aside have today (31/10/02 ) launched interactive forums for the discussion of childfree issues.  You can visit the forums by clicking here or using the link on the left.

Come and join in the discussions and become an active member of the 
UK childfree community (international visitors welcome).  

23-24/11 -  Our forum provider is having a server problem & the forums will be down periodically this weekend to fix the problem.
If you can't access them immediately please try again later

Kidding Aside (The British Childfree Association) exists:

* To advance public education regarding the promotion of a child free lifestyle as an equal and legitimate alternative and to promote being childfree as a positive lifestyle choice.
Most people assume that having children is the done thing and that those who do not have children must be deficient in some way. It is the aim of Kidding Aside to promote the childfree lifestyle, helping people to see that there are numerous advantages in living a life free of children. It is also our aim to ensure that those who want children accept being childfree as a valid and acceptable lifestyle choice which should not be vilified or discriminated against.

* To voice child free concerns to external bodies such as the media and the Government.
Part of the alienation which many Childfree people feel is as a result of our lifestyle choice being ignored in the development of Government policy. The media also fail to represent our views accurately, fairly, or at all. Kidding Aside will represent the British childfree by lobbying Parliament and the press in an attempt to make the voice of a growing proportion of British society heard.

* To act as a meeting point and support network for childfree people.
Many childfree people see their friends and co-workers having children and feel excluded and alienated from our increasingly family orientated national culture. Kidding Aside will enable Childfree people to meet up with others with similar feelings, offering a means of support and a venue for socialising free of the social pressures to be a parent or to discuss children.

The Childfree Ring
, part of RingSurf, is
owned by Kidding Aside (The British Childfree Association).

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